Slurry Solidify - Original. Super Absorbent Polymer.

Slurry Solidify – Water & Synergy



Premium SS50: 1 pound normally absorbs 12-15 Gallons of Slurry.

Synergy-50: 1 pound normally absorbs 8-10 Gallons of Slurry

HSALT: 1 pound normally absorbs 7 Gallons of Slurry

SOLIDIFICATION YIELD: 50 lb bag of SS50 solidifies 750 gallons of slurry wastewater.

Polymer based super absorbent to handle fresh water base slurry. Available in 50 lb. bags.
One (1) 50 pound bag of Slurry Solidify is always recommended when you purchase a Slurry Vac #SV-2000. After emptying the “white” Collection Bag, you’ll have free water in the sludge. Simply by spreading and mixing a handful of the polymer into the sludge you’ll quickly and completely absorb the free water.

Slurry Solidify is a “premium” Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that quickly absorbs the free water AND only requires a minimal amount of the product to be use. With the sludge is solidified (no free liquid), the waste product is now classified as standard construction waste and approved for landfill disposal. NOTE: The more you add of the SAP, the harder the waste will become. For legal disposal, a paste is fine – you just can’t have any dripping.

H SALT: 55 lb Bag
Absorbent for brine waste streams when the salt content does not exceed 7% (7 pounds per gallon).

SOLIDIFICATION YIELD: If a 55 gallon drum of slurry or sludge, 3/4 full (roughly 40 gallons), weighs 300 pounds, times the 5% Dosage Rule (300 lbs. X 5%). You’ll need 15 pounds of HSALT to solidify the material. Also note, the more solids that are in the material to solidify, the less HSALT you’ll use.

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Product Details

Slurry Solidify Premium – Water. For use with Liquid Waste containing at least 80% Fresh Water.

A solid, granular Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) that will absorb liquid waste up to 500 times its granular weight. Slurry Solidify is a premium grade 100% SAP as opposed other absorbent products that may be a mix of absorbents or their granular size is significantly finer. The sole advantage of a Premium SAP is you’ll use considerably less product to absorb significantly more liquid.

Recommended Applications: Concrete slurry or any other fresh water based waste when the oil, salt or acid content does not exceed 20%.


Coverage/Absorption Ratios for SS50-Premium

  • Add 2 oz per gallon of waste liquid
  • Add 1 lb (2 cups) per 12 – 15 gallons of concrete slurry
  • Add 1 oz per gallon of thick sludge
  • Add (1) 50 lb Bag per 750 gallons of concrete slurry
  • Add 1 cup (8 oz) per 7 gallons of concrete slurry

Solidified "washout" from the concrete power buggy.

Product Attributes:

  • Slurry Solidify Premium is your lowest cost solidification solution – Period.
  • Once absorbed, the weight and volume of the solidified waste expands by less than 1%.
  • Encased liquids and trapped ionic contaminants will not be released when evaporation occurs, if incinerated or during freeze thawing.
  • All ingredients natural, organic, non-toxic, non-leaching, easy to use, and confirms to (40 CFR 264.314 (e) (ii)) as Non-Biodegradable.
  • When used properly there will be No Free Liquids – will pass the Paint Filter Test (EPA 9095).
  • Solidifies slurry waste to a gel consistency. If you want the waste to be a complete solid – simply add more product.
  • Minimal Expansion – Absorbs fast, expands in weight & volume by < 1%. When you consider freight & disposal cost of transporting the absorbed waste, Slurry Solidify will always be your lowest cost solution.
  • Best results are obtained when the fresh water based slurry has a pH rating that is close to neutral (Slurry Solidify – Water is not recommended for use with salt water)
  • Before mixing Slurry Solidify with your liquid waste, it is best to check the pH of the slurry (using litmus paper or a pH test kit). If the pH reading is higher than 10, a safe acid such as a toilet bowl cleaner or a splash of muratic acid will quickly lower the pH.
  • The liquids and particles in the absorbed slurry are “chemically” absorbed into the polymer granular. The substances are literally sucked into, retained and held – they are not released
  • Slurry Solidify – Water is a 100% SAP Premium Polymer – “Use it sparingly”. The more you use the harder or the more solid the liquid waste will become. Because is it a Premium Polymer, considerably less product will be needed to absorb the liquid waste than any other type of absorbent, including “fine” polymers, special blends (a mix of absorbent type ingredients), natural (clay) or agricultural (corn cob).
  • Encapsulates (retains and protects) even debris particles of Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLW)
  • Versatile & unlimited range: Absorbs all types of water based waste on contact, including: animal waste, vegetable, mineral, chemical, drugs, LLW, metals, etc.
  • Solidifies any fresh water-based liquid of any viscosity, from 100% liquid to heavy sludge ~ rubbing alcohol to peanut butter viscosity.
  • If the waste stream contains less than 20% oil, acid or salt, Slurry Solidify – Water will always be the recommended and most cost effective absorbent to use; the cost savings include absorption ratios, disposal and freight cost.
  • The warmer the water temperature and outside air, the faster Slurry Solidify Water will work. In colder temperatures, it may take 24 hours until the liquid waste is solidified.
  • Cost Studies

    Using Slurry Solidify Water, to stabilize and transport sludge <.pdf download > from a waste lagoon at a manufacturing plant. The waste was very wet and contained heavy metals and diesel fuel. Using Slurry Solidify Water solidification times, transportation and disposal cost were all dramatically cut.


    Slurry Solidify Water being used in a very cold climate.

    • 3 cups of Slurry Solidify Water were mixed with 30 gallons of concrete slurry
    • The project was in Minnesota, during the month of October
    • After 30 minutes and no signs of thickening, 3 more cups were added
    • After another 30 minutes, 3 more cups were added . . . and so on . . .
    • Eventually, a total of 16 cups were added
    • The following morning, the contractor had a solid rubber brick in the drum.
    • Case in point: The wet waste will harden as the temperatures warm. In colder conditions, it simply take a little longer but to solidify but . . . adding more absorbent is not necessary.
  • Synergy
  • Slurry Solidify - Synergy

    Slurry Solidify - Synergy. A one-inventory item to solidify liquid waste containing mixtures of everything.For use when the slurry is a combination of everything . . . oils, fresh and salt water, not neutral on the pH scale.

    SOLIDIFICATION YIELD: If a 55 gallon drum of slurry or sludge, 3/4 full (roughly 40 gallons), weighs 300 pounds, times the 5% Dosage Rule (300 lbs. X 5%). You’ll need 15 pounds of Slurry Solidify – Synergy to solidify the material. Also note, the more solids that are in the material to solidify, the less Synergy you’ll use. Thus, it is always better to remove as much liquid as possible.

    Recommended Applications: Drill Mud – Or any other mixture of goop or sludge . . . Natural gas and or oil drilling operations are good examples of larger waste steams that have diverse effects on our environment. From simple water-based cuttings to mixtures of salt, oil and diesel fluids. These blended waste streams are typically absorbed with saw dust and corn cob based minerals.

    As a cost effective alternative, Slurry Solidify Synergy will handle these mixtures. FACTS:

    1. When the fresh water content does NOT exceed 50% or when the waste stream is NOT close to neutral on the pH scale, Slurry Solidify Synergy is the “catch-all” absorbent to use.
    2. If the water content in the waste stream is 70% (maybe even 60%), do not underestimate the ability of our #1 selling SAP: Slurry Solidify Premium – Water.

    Slurry Synergy being spread and mixed in a construction dumpster.

    Coverage / Absorption Ratios – Slurry Solidify Synergy

    The General Rule is: 5% of the Weight. A few examples are as follows:

    • 100 tons of drill cuttings requires 5 tons of Slurry Solidify – Synergy
    • 50 tons of drill cuttings requires 2.5 tons of Slurry Solidify – Synergy
    • 5 gallon bucket of sludge (consisting of petroleum, water and muck) that weighs 60 pounds requires 2.5 pounds of Slurry Solidify – Synergy.

    Expected curing time, from a liquid to a dry waste: Less than 3 minutes.

    Product Attributes:

    A non-selective, universal “one product” granular with super absorbent water crystals.

    Absorb large volumes of water and oil based waste – including: Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Water (fresh and salt).

    Also effective on strong acids and alkaline waste.

    From waste waters to heavy sludge – Slurry Synergy completely and quickly solidifies water and oil based liquid waste into a Dry, Fluffy, and Earth Friendly Grit.

    Approved for Immediate Landfill Disposal.

    Simple. Safe. Ready to Act. A One Inventory Item – regardless of the slurry’s pH reading.

    Solidified waste is absorbed to a grit or earth friendly paste that is safe to water on (the solidified grit is not slippery).

  • H SALT
  • H SALT

    Solidified & Non-Solidified Drill Mud.Additional Applications: Very effective lubricant or shale inhibitor during earth drilling operations. Improves the drilling fluid’s ability (typically a salt water solution) to remove cuttings from the wellbore. A blend of super absorbent polymers provides the best combination of properties for absorption and dissolubility.

    Treated Mud Solidification – Problem:
    The process of drilling through the earth typically exceeds 100’s of thousands of gallons of drill mud. The liquid waste typically consists of a brine solution.

    To optimize disposal costs, reducing transportation and disposal cost by eliminating the number of trucks and for transporting the solidified mud waste also needs to be considered; as well as being in compliance with management regulations for liquid waste disposal.

    Result: Using HSALT, drill mud is typically solidified with an average reagent dosage of 1.5% (by weight) while eliminating any additional liquid waste treatments. Likewise, you can also include that an estimated a number of hours of trucking, 100’s to 1000’s, will be eliminated as well. If the treated solid meets requirements for beneficial reuse, you should also be able to prevent any unnecessary landfill and associated cost for unclean soil.

    Drill Mud Processing Station.Product Attributes:

    • Structural nature of the polymer improves the cutting and carrying ability to keep drill holes clean.
    • Good compatibility with a wide mix of ingredients.
    • Simple on-site application, directly added or mixed with the slurry.

    Method of Application: 0.1 ~ 0.5% and according to the job site condition.

  • Safety
  • Reduces Slip & Fall Accidents

    Slip & Fall Injury Report.Floors, Decks, Platforms. Etc. After you fall, your health should be your first priority. . . . costs of slip-and-fall accidents are now approaching 80 billion dollars each year, with that number expected to double in the next decade.

    Slurry Solidify Synergy is a gritting Super Absorbent Polymer that solidifies wet liquids (wet, oils and a combination of both) to an “Earth Friendly” Grit that is safe to walk on. Other types of polymer absorbents (including Slurry Solidify – Water) will solidify the liquid waste to a slippery gel or jelly that will create a health and a liability risk.

  • Features
  • Additional Features:

    • A sludge containing oils and water. A Universal, High-Grade, Versatile “One” Product Super Absorbent (that does not create a slippery condition)
    • Absorbs & encapsulates large quantities of water (fresh or salt), oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, diesel and jet fuel, acids, alkaline, and all other organic chemicals and any mix of these liquids
    • The versatility of using Slurry Synergy translates into a Simple, Safe, Ready to Act “One Inventory Item”
    • Non-Selective: A single absorbent material capable of absorbing almost every type of liquid from any type of land surface, and effectively removing hydrocarbons from a water surface as well
    • Non-Toxic, no associated Health or Safety issues or environmental issues in use or disposal
    • Will not ignite instantly when exposed to heat or flame ~ Once solidified the dry waste can be incinerated.
    • Completely Biodegradable. Benefits land filling for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste (landfill friendly, no long term environmental effect). Or, depending on the condition, left on site to solidify as a solid (A+ application for solidification of fresh water wetlands)
    • Solidifies concrete slurry on the floor to a dry grit that is safe to walk on and can be swept using a push broom.
    • Solidifies or absorbs on contact, its quick absorption means less spill spread and less penetration resulting in lower clean up cost
    • Non-leaching ~ A super absorbent polymer that will hold onto the absorbed liquid – this means less dripping during a cleanup
    • Vapor Suppressive – reduces flammable vapors by 90% and the particles in the slurry waste are absorbed into the polymer and its proprietary ingredients – the substances are literally sucked into, retained and held within the polymer.
    • Solidifies all types of liquids with minimal expansion (increase in weight) is 20% or less
    • Nothing – including a wide mix of elements within the slurry or liquid waste – will affect the solidification process, including temperature!