Tiny Delight 3.4 Gallon "Whisper" Vacuum ~ Very powerful.
TD_Steps Tiny Delight 3.4 Gallon "Whisper" Vacuum ~ Very powerful.

Tiny Delight Whisper Vacuum

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3.4 Gallon Whisper Silent Vacuum

Silent, Powerful, Multi-Purpose – – – Wet/Dry Use. Whisper quiet at 57 dB(A) decibels. Professional, Industrial Grade. Compact, Light, Extremely Powerful & Versatile

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning — Dust Director Heavy-Duty Commercial Cleaning Power, Durability & Versatility ~ Wet/dry Use, Extremely Quiet.

Tiny Delight 3.4 Gallon "Whisper" Vacuum ~ Very powerful.
COMPACT DESIGN ~ Practical and safe for using on steps . . .

Tiny Delight is a very lightweight, high performance, professional vacuum cleaner that is powered by a 1300 watt high speed, new generation high-speed motor.

Ultra quiet running with superior suction power, Tiny Delight is pleasant and easy to use. Small and compact in size, its elegant, compact design makes operating in tight spaces easy — including its use and handling on steps (ref. photo, left.)

Delivering the highest level of suction power that is possible within its confide size.

Filtration — Equipped with a polyester wet/dry use cartridge filter with a large surface area (3,500 cm).

While designed to be used without filter collection bags, with respect to the environment, Tiny Delight includes three (3) disposable paper dust bags to further improve filtration efficiency while providing convenience and safety during disposal. Additionally, its warning light indicates when the filter bag is full or when the cartridge filter needs to be cleaned.

Performance, equipped as follows — 3.4 Gallon, 120 volt, 1300 watt, 120 CFM, 113″ H20 (water lift/static suction force), (3) paper bags, filter warning indicator light, sponge filter for exhaust air filtration, rubber wheels and casters, tool holder, 1-3/8″ x 6′ hose with full assortment of tooling for surface and upholstery cleaning.


The Tiny Delight provides incredible suction power in a compact 3.4 gallon vacuum. With its powerful new generation 1-stage motor, Tiny Delight’s compact size provides far greater suction power for not only CFM performance but also in its ability to vacuum heavier weighted debris such as stone, metal and water. With 1300 watts of power, the motor’s power is further enhanced by the heavy gauge polyethylene tank and its structural ribbing.

Applications: Residential, Commercial & Industrial General Use Cleaning. Compact and maneuverable, Tiny Delight is the perfect vacuum cleaner for environments like hotels and residential complexes, providing unmatched suction power and filtration efficiency with silent operation to avoid disturbing guests. Thanks to its advanced features, Tiny Delight can be used at any time of day or night and in the presence of people. Only Tiny Delight can achieve maximum cleanliness with minimal disturbance.

Reliable. Easy to Maintain. Practical. Industrial Grade Motor to Operate for Long Periods. With its polyester cartridge filter, you’re able to vacuum dry and wet debris and even at the same time! While Tiny Delight’s neat, chic design is very pleasing and professional to the eye, its reduced size makes storage a piece of cake.

Convenient Tool & Cord Storage, Rubber Wheels & Casters
Easy Maneuvering, Handling & Storage

2-Stage Filtration w/ Filter Full Warning Light
Complete Floor & Upholstery Nozzle Kit

Tiny Delight - Group picture of features.