Double Row Turbo Fan Cup Wheels.

Turbo Segment, Coarse Grit



30/40 Grit, Medium Bond

  • Concrete Grinding – X-Long Life
  • General Purpose Concrete & Terrazzo Grinding
  • 30/40 Grit
  • Faster, Smoother Grinding than the above CD Wheel (shorter life than the CD wheel)
  • Large Surface Area Diamond Segments that leaves a Low Scratch Pattern, Incredible Wheel Life
  • 30/40 Grit provides an open pore finish for bonding and penetration of sealers and coatings

Product Details

  • Very Fast and aggressive grinding.
  • Leaves a uniform low scratch pattern.
  • Excellent choice for surface prep contractors working with concrete surface profile of 2-3.
  • enable sealers and coatings to penetrate and bond into the concrete.

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