DD2400 Watt - 19.5 Amp with AIRFlow HEPA Filtration.

Dust Director DD2400 Vacuum



Equipped with: AIRFlow HEPA Filtration, 2″ x 12′ lightweight flexible hose, 2″ ID hose cuff, (3) Clean Extreme Filter Bags.

2 Dust Director Guard & Grinder Package: Complete with the above but with the Y-Hose Splitter & (2) 12′ Hoses for using (2) 6″ Dust Director Guards, (2) Makita 9564CV Grinders & 17 Clean Extreme Filter Bags.

Product Details

Tank Size 24 Gallon, HD Poly
Vacuum Size, Weight 19.5″ x 17″ x 38″, 50 lbs.
Inlet Port Size 2″ Inlet Port. 2″ x 12′ lightweight and flexible hose with smooth bore interior.
Hose & Cuff 2″ ID Soft Vinyl Hose Cuff for attachment to the dust barrel on the Dust Director Guard.
Power 3-Motor, 1-Stage
2400 Watts, 6.5 Amps x 3, 800 Watts x 3
Airflow / Waterlift 270 CFM / 83″ H20
Tank Collection Capacity * 150

* In the Dust Director’s working relationships with OSHA, NIOSH, The Center to Protect Workers Right (CPWR) and the Masonry Union (BAC), various studies have shown:

  • 80 lbs. of silica dust are created in 8 hours when grinding brick mortar joints (1/4″ wide x 1/2″ deep)
  • On soft mortar, 110 lbs. of silica dust is created.

With a Dust Director Vacuum, with the filter system maintaining optimum suction, your productivity is only limited to the size of the collection tank (i.e. the smaller the tank the more times you’ll stop to empty it, but you’ll never have to stop to clean the filter). Ideally, you’d like to grind brick mortar joints for at least half the day before you have to empty the tank.

Individual “on/off” switches for each motor.

3-Motor, 24 Gallon

Y-SPLITTER: 2 can grind concrete from one vacuum.

Same features as the 2-Motor Vacuum but with 3 motors you’ll need a 20 amp circuit.

Incredible versatility and collection yields in a 120 volt vacuum.

Extremely Powerful, Impressive Suction in a “low amperage” 3-Motor Vacuum.

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