Dust Director / Manufacturer Literature

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Dust Control Tools — Equipment

Dust Director

Dust Dustless Cut-Off Saws – 7″, 12″, 14″ Gas Dust Director

Surface Dust Guards – Dustless Grinding & Edging

Glitter Bits – Diamond Router Bits

Power Blowers, Ventilation, Containment Socks


Floor Machines

24″ Gansow Smart Sweeper / Vacuum

14″ & 28″ CT & ECS Auto Scrubbers

20″ HD Floor Grinder & 18″ Cup Wheel Floor Plate

21″ Propane Grinder / Burnisher, Heavy-Weight Diamonds

HOT ROD SAWS: 6″ & 9″ ~ Joint Cutting, Crack Chasing, Joint Sealant Removal, Early Entry Green Concrete Cutting

Vacuums — Power Stations — Accessories — Separators

Dust Director Vacuums: 1, 2, 3-Motor Models, 120 & 240 Volt, Dust Extractors, Wet Extraction, Chimney Sweep, Gutter Cleaning

Dust Director Cyclones: 2 & 3-Motor, 120 & 240 Volt

CJET ~ Compressor Jet Models

Explosion & Dust Ignition Proof Vacuums

Accessories: Separators, Replacement Filters, Collection Bags (Dry & Wet), Hoses, Cuffs, Nozzle Kits, 30″ Floor Sweep.

Flutter Filter & Power Station Operation / Installation Manual

30″ Squeegee – Installation Instructions. Concrete dust and slurry sweep attachment for use with 24 gallon collection tanks, vacuum models: S2000, SV2000, DD2000, DD2400 & DD3900.

Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags – 96.25 Efficiency Rating + Outside of the bag stays clean, cartridge filters stay clean, the inside of the tanks stay clean. Expect to completely fill the filter bag – to the tank’s inlet port – without suction drop while extracting dry powders, food and insect waste, metals and sharp objects, etc ~ All At The Same Time!

Slurry De-Watering: Machines — Absorbents

Slurry Wet Vacuums – Separation, Containment, Pump-Out

Mudhen Slurry Extraction, Compression Machines

Super Absorbent Polymers
Slurry Solidify – Water & Slurry Solidify – Synergy

Diamond Blades — Cup Wheels — Glitter Bits

Free Shipping Program
Vacuums, Grinders, Dust Director Guards – With Purchase of 20 Diamonds

Saw Blades, Tuck Pointing, Crack Chasing, Glitter Bits, Sealant Removal Blades

Cup Wheels – Surface Preparation: Grinding, Coatings Removal, Coating + Grinding

Glitter Bits – Diamond Router Bits, for Grinding Brick Mortar Joints, Granite, Single Brick Removal, Sculpturing, etc.

Early Entry Green Cutting Blades for Soff-Cut Saws

DIAMAPADS (DIP): Restore, Clean & Polish – Diamond Impregnated Pads

Velcro Backed Diamond Polishing Pads

Sealant, Adhesive Removal: Blades — Wheels — Oscillating Tools

Stellite Cutter – For slicing joint sealant from expansion joints
Oscillating Tools – For slicing caulking from window and door panes
Surface Scraping Discs: Coatings, Sealants, Adhesives 0
Wire Wheels – For cleaning expansion joints

Abrasives — Wire Wheels

SRT Thin Cut-Off Wheels, Grinding Wheel, Flap Disc, Wire Stringer Wheels & Knotted Cut Brushes

Tape: Masking — Duct

Intelligent Adhesives Tapes

Makita Power Tools

Cordless, Electric, Gas

Concrete Drill Bits — Chisels

Smooth Shank, Hex Shank, SDS Plus, SDS Max, Spine Drilling, Light & HD Demolition Chisels – All Shank Sizes, Lengths & Diameters