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The world has a wide variety of hard surface care needs that requires more than using just a soap based product.

Cleaners are a blend of surface activation agents or surfactants and water. Water alone doesn’t have much cleaning ability and soap surfactants typically leave soap scum or at the least a film.

But even with the best “no soap” cleaner, good old-fashioned scrubbing and elbow grease always makes the difference when it comes to removing stubborn stains and oxidation. Especially with concrete that is porous, it holds dirt well and it can be a tough surface to clean.

– Detriments of Soap Based Cleaners –

Additionally, soap based cleaners leave a film which attracts airborne dust, germs and bacteria. And as the contaminates accumulate they form layers which holds dirt that eventually becomes imbedded into the surface.

FACT: The #1 enemy of any surface (porous or non-porous) is dust. Besides layer accumulation, dust causes abrasion (from foot and vehicle traffic) which causes shine and surface deterioration.

It is often heard, “just clean it with water”. Well, we can expect clean or anti-bacteria results using just water . . . And on the chemical side of chemical, countless polished or treated surfaces have been ruined and had to be refinished because the maintenance was done with a Pine-Sol or Mean Green type of detergent.

While this type of cleaner wouldn?t harm your garage floor, they are not suited for the chemical and physical changes that the once porous surfaces went through to become non-porous – harden and polished.

A newly installed concrete floor being sprayed with a Stellar Guard treatment.

And once cleaned, how is the surface maintained? And should it be sealed?

While using the proper chemicals (and procedures) isn’t the saving grace for keeping a polished surface looking good forever, it?s definitely part of the system.

A Cleaning & Sealer Solution

For Every Surface

Increase Your Business?

Through 30 Plus Years of Experience – We have learned and utilized nearly every technique, process and treatment to clean & preserve nearly every type of hard surface.

From our expertise we have developed the best combination of products, equipment and procedures that will take you “Step-by-Step” through the processes to ensure a lifetime of protection for your surface.

FACT: The shine of any hard surface – VCT, concrete, tile, stone, glass, metal, wood – will quickly nose dive (within one (1) month) if a Daily & Periodic Maintenance Program is not followed.

One of the reasons why everyone is resurfacing concrete slabs – besides their beauty – is because they are so easy and inexpensive to maintain.

But just like your car, a regular maintenance schedule is needed to keep it running properly. Any hard surface, including a poured and unsealed concrete slab, needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly.

And just because you seal it once, it still has to be maintained and possibly resealed again . . . to maintain its appearance and durability.

PROFITS – – – Transforming or installing a harden and polished surface takes know-how, machines, equipment and time. Once installed, are you walking away from all of the hard work and effort . . . and leaving an outside cleaning company the easy work and profits?

Maintaining any polished surface is relatively easy and inexpensive, but it has to be done.

And besides, you have all the equipment, supplies and know how. And no one knows that particular surface better than you . . . You simply have to bring it to the owner’s attention that the surface needs maintained – Regularly if not daily.

For additional information on a rather easy Maintenance Business, please see our ShineOn Floor Care System to see how you can maintain client relations and expand your business.


For Porous & Non-Porous Surfaces: Concrete, Marble, Granite, Stone, Brick, Chrome, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Glass, etc.

PROTECTION SEALERS. Long-term “penetrating” protection vs. a thin, protective film. Why should I seal anything? Does it need to breath? Concrete, masonry, stone, metal, glass, fiberglass, painted, treated, clear coat finishes? Sealer Protection for Every Surface.

Water vs. Solvent? Are there advantages? % of solids in sealer?

What Type of Protection Do You Want? Need?

Water & Dust Repellent Waterproofing Acidic, Acid Rain, Dust, Oil, Rust & Water Staining Resistance Graffiti & Oxidation Resistance Lithium Densification

Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks, Garages, Patio & Pool Decks, Warehouse Floors Polished Concrete & Stone Guards Pavers & Retaining Wall Sealers

Color Enhancement Sealer for both Polished & Unpolished Substrates Wet Look, Satin, Low Gloss Sealers Basement & Moisture Sealers.

CLEANERS, RESTORATION, DEGREASERS. ICS offers a variety of cleaning products (4) that we separated into 3 types or categories.

By first understanding what each “type” is meant for, you’ll not only be be able to obtain the results you want but you’ll cut your cleaning time in half AND you’ll also know what “mild” cleaner to use to maintain the finish so that the surface doesn’t decline again – and it shouldn’t.

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