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Dust Director? Vacuums. At ICS, we do not sale vacuums – we replace them . . .

There is a very good chance that you are looking at our vacuums because you are not satisfied with either the power of your vacuum, its filter system, or its durability. And while other vacuums may look like ours, only the outside “shells” are the same.

At ICS, with our various Dust Control Tools for Concrete Grinding and Cutting, we weren’t satisfied with the filter systems that were being offered in the market; nor did we accept the fact they we had to use motor(s) that either weren’t powerful enough or were too powerful for the electrical constraints that have to operate from.

So we purchase “empty” motor heads and tanks, and install our own USA Made and Designed Motors and Filter Systems. Shop-style or off-the-shelf vacuums have their place . . . But only industrial grade vacuums offer the power and durability to handle the difficult and daily workloads that our customers subject their vacuums too. By choosing a lesser quality vacuum, besides compromising on an employees’ well being, the quality of the project suffers in a number of ways not to mention the thousands of dollars lost because of poor productivity . . .

Dust Director? Industrial Quality Vacuums. Compact, portable and built for Extra / Extreme HD Use, and specifically designed to operate for extended run times without the motors overheating. While specially built for the concrete and masonry profession, our Dust Director Vacuums are fast replacing continuous-duty vacuums that are typically used in manufacturing. Available with 110 volt and 220 volt motors, our vacuums are offered in one (1), two (2), or three (3) motor configuration. And while each motor provides a noticeable increase in suction power, individual on/off switches puts you in complete control of the power situation.

End Result: Powerful suction to impressively collect any type of debris, including stones, metal and abrasives, mastics, oils, grease, ultra fine powders, flour, moist debris – without changing the filter, without damaging the filters, without incurring suction loss, without overheating the motors.

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