Beveled Coper Resin Pad.

3″ Beveled Edge Semi-metal Pads



Professional Grade, Velcro Backing

3″ x 8mm Pad Height

Wet Use

  • Semi- Metallic Resin Pads are a combination or resin and metal
  • Designed to cut like a metal bond diamond but able to be forgiving like a resin
  • For use on smooth trowel surfaces
  • These pads have a beveled edge which helps aid the machine when going over joints
  • Excellent for scratch removal from metal tooling and helping in the transition from metal and resin pads
  • These pads also work great for your first step in opening a floor in the polishing process
  • Rigid Pads with XL Life (50,000 – 65,000 sq. ft)

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